I have lived in a yurt for about 10 years, after moving from the city when I had a 30 minute drive commute to work. Now I have a 5 minute walk to work, and am still late! I had the opportunity through where I work to live on the land. We have temporary planning permission which is renewed every 3 years. I have 2 yurt dwelling neighbours. The cat Palu also plays her part by keeping down the rodent level.

I started yurt life on my own, after moving from the city, I had a stint in an old Mercedes 508 van, then moved into my first 16ft yurt. I built the deck with help from friends, and went through a steep learning curve of what I needed to live comfortably.

About a year later I moved into a bigger yurt with my ex . We enjoyed a good few years together.

I then adjusted to life without him.

Baby Leo wasn’t planned.

He is a happy accident. I am raising him as a single parent but with the support of his Dad, who is a dear friend, his and my family, and friends. Of course with its ups and downs and huge challenges. Some of which you will find out about here….